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Applying for a job? Be ready for stiff competition. Hiring managers review hundreds, even thousands of competing resumes and cover letters. They look for for any reason to cut down the number of applications they need to review.
If your resume, cover letter, or CV has a typo, is poorly written, or doesn't show the "right stuff", then you’re out.

That’s where we come in. We’re Cover Letter Pros, and our team of writing specialists know their way inside and out of everything you will need throughout your job search. We will craft your resumes, cover letters, CVs, email templates, and anything else you may need for that winning edge against the competition!

resume & cv PREPARATION
Our experienced writers work closely with you to understand every aspect of your experience and background to effectively package your resume or CV.
Cover Letters & Emails
How do you position the odds and ends of your work experience? How do you send a thank-you after an interview? We can help clean up and complete your application package.
Templates and Tips
Along with a great resume, a cover letter can seal the deal or ruin everything. Hiring managers want a sense of who you are and how you’ll fit in their office, and we’ll help you communicate this and more.
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why choose us?
Don’t know where to start? We do. It may cost nothing to send a resume and cover letter, but it could cost you everything if your resume doesn’t communicate the right information for success. That’s where we come in. We walk each and every customer through the process and provide a first-class experience at an amazing value, far lower than other writing services.
Your success is our success
We’re not a content mill that robotically hashes together resumes. Every customer works one-on-one with an experienced writer through our easy-to-use proprietary customer portal. No need to worry about lost emails or missing files either, since everything stays in a single place and it’s easy to get started, submit information, and stay in the loop with your writer.
Communicate your value
If you’re looking to advance your career, you need to prove not only that you’ve grown, but that you can help your future employer grow too. Our services specialize in strategizing cover letters and resumes based on what hiring managers look for and expect across countless industries.
Stand above the rest
The average job competition will attract 250 candidates, and only six or seven will get an interview. How will you make your resume shine above the others? Let our experts take care of everything.
Move fast and get interviewed
Don’t spend hours endlessly searching for how-tos on how to freshen up that stale resume. We already have the answers so that you can stop worrying about a resume and start preparing for that chance at an interview.
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I want a great way to package my candidacy
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A cover letter
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vip membership

Our Very Important Professional (VIP) Membership program offers unlimited revisions, tweaks, and updates to your resume, CV, and cover letter right from our online portal. This is essential for candidates applying to multiple positions who need an easy way to support their candidacy without worrying about manually editing or adjusting their resume, cover letter, or other documents.

other odds and ends

We also offer other services a la carte in case you’re looking for something specific.

We also offer a Deluxe Services package combining our most popular add-on services for a low flat rate.

just a cover letter
Need only a cover letter? Not a problem
Messaging Support
Let us prepare thank-you and follow-up emails for you to use
job application support
We’ll complete up to 2 Job Applications for you and package your entire candidacy for a potential employer
LinkedIn Review
We can review your LinkedIn Profile or create a new one from scratch
Proofreading Support
Let us review your documents and check for typos, errors, and grammar mistakes (price per page)
Deluxe Services Package
Take advantage of our most popular services! (Job Application & Messaging Support, LinkedIn Review)

Expedited Support

Need something ASAP? We got you covered!

72 hour turnaround
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What our clients say
I had my LinkedIn profile completed by Rick at and he did a wonderful job. I feel more confident connecting with people on LinkedIn now.
Curt A.
I'm not very good at presenting myself on paper, so I had write my resume and cover letter from scratch. My new employer must have liked it because they eventually hired me!
Kirandeep S.
Excellent work from my writer and editor! Thank you!
Krystal G.
I've been trying to find meaningful employment for several months after graduation without success. The team at prepared a resume that landed me several interviews. As a result I found a career with a fantastic company!
Ramsuman K.
My new resume and cover letter are of exceptional quality. I was impressed by's focus on my satisfaction throughout the process. I would highly recommend their services.
Tatiana K.
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