Jul 5
Ghosting: Where's my interview?
Rick M

You've spent a tremendous amount of time refining your resume and cover letter to match your new prospective employer.  You submit your application for your dream job, and then...  silence.

Of all the complaints from job seekers, silence from employers is the most common.  You could have applied and received no response.  You could have interviewed and received no response.  You could have had three interviews, a background check, and you're still sitting in silence.  The problem isn't always you.

As FlexJob explains, employers are significant sources of stress when they ghost applicants.

Employers may "ghost" applicants at any stage of the hiring process for numerous reasons:

  • They don't see any value in providing feedback.
  • They are busy and cannot allocate time to providing feedback.
  • Corporate risk policy restricts them from providing negative feedback - usually to avoid risk/legal issues.
  • The posting was a "courtesy" post - often used in large governmental organizations that have pools of candidates they pull from, or they've already got an internal hire.

As a job seeker, you need to rationalize whether or not these organizations are justified in following these practices, or whether you'd rather take your talents somewhere else.  Unfortunately, the best resume and cover letter don't always guarantee an interview.

Don't be discouraged by these employers.  Keep applying and hunting for your next role with an organization that values you and your experience.

Published in July 2018 by CoverLetterPros.com

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