Jun 4
New Graduate: No Interviews?
Rick M

You've recently graduated with a degree or diploma in your field of choice.  You've spent countless hours sending your resume to job postings on Indeed.com or through your school's career portal.  

Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  That's how many responses you've received for all of your hard work.

"Sadly," says Rick M. from CoverLetterPros.com, "many students and graduates struggle to find work for a variety of reasons.  Some industries are just not hiring, and other companies put stringent requirements on their 'entry-level' vacancies."

The economy and labor markets can be significant road blocks for new graduates.  But the biggest road block is often how you may be representing yourself on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Are your soft skills the highlight of your resume?

Do you sell your future employer a story about how you can help them succeed?

Are you listing your babysitting experiences?

Does your resume target the requirements of the posting you're applying to?

It may be time to ask for help.  Have a friend, professor, or family member critique your resume as if they were a hiring manager.  "Sometimes a second set of eyes can be extremely helpful in looking for objective feedback and review," says Rick.

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Published in June 2017 by CoverLetterPros.com

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