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Why you need a LinkedIn profile to bolster your career
Rick M

With 450,000,000 members (and a reported goal of 3 billion members), LinkedIn is easily the world’s largest and most popular professional career-based network on the Internet.

So why don’t you have a LinkedIn profile?

Here are five reasons you and your career (whatever it may be!) need LinkedIn:

#1: Employers are looking for you there

The Internet is the defining technology of this generation (and likely of all time) so if you’re not using it to enhance your job searching skills and bolster your career, you’re doing something wrong.

In 2016, recruiters, head hunters and employers are all using LinkedIn as a major source to vet and learn more about applicants. Having a lackluster profile or not having one at all is key motivator for an employer to toss your application in the trash.

#2: You can be found more easily

When a hiring manager googles you (which they absolutely will), you want to be in control of what they see---and where they see it.

LinkedIn ranks very highly on Google, meaning that when a hiring manager searches for “Bob Smith,” the first or second result is very likely to be Bob’s LinkedIn page. According to a Gravitate Online study, 94% of users clicked on a first Google page result, while only 6% ventured to the second page.

Not only does this benefit you in terms of potential employment, it’s also a great boon to your professional network. Meet someone at a conference? Google their name and add them on LinkedIn.

#3: It’s the best way to brand yourself

“We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”

That’s from author and branding guru, Tom Peters, who understands what having a good LinkedIn profile can do for your career. It helps answers the all-important question that employers have: Who are you and what are you all about?

An informative, extensive, active, up-to-date LinkedIn page says a lot about the person behind it: he or she possesses a strong work ethic; is marketing-minded; is busy and full of energy; and most importantly, is professional through and through.

Doesn’t that sound like someone you’d want to hire? Employers agree.

#4: It can get you a job

Based on the information in your profile, LinkedIn can recommend jobs for you---and even show you recently posted positions!

#5: Stay connected to your industry

News on industry happenings, advice from pros in your field, niche communities and discussion groups---it’s all available on LinkedIn. Getting involved in these aspects gives you a significant edge over your less informed, less connected competition.

LinkedIn is also a fantastic medium for publishing your original content, helping you get noticed by the movers and shakers that already have the career you want for yourself.

In short, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for career building, job hunting, network developing and so much more. To hiring managers, a well-written, active LinkedIn profile (especially one crafted by career services professionals) is the first and best sign of a good hire. 

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